About Us

Our Mission...

Our mission at PolkadotYourWorld is to help people connect with each other in a real way. That is why, throughout all of our programs, we strive to create authentic modes for staying connected in the modern world. As part of that mission, we always offer a wide selection of high quality, personalizable products at affordable prices. We believe that creativity in product design should be a right, not an option. Through our core principle of giving back we try to promote a healthy environment in which the business community and the non-profit world can co-exist in a mutually beneficial way. Also, in keeping with the changing needs of our world, we strive to produce our products to the highest eco-friendly standards available.

Our Core Principles...

Connecting People1. Connecting People

...in authentic, personalized ways.


Giving Back2. Giving Back

...to communities and organizations across the nation.


Creativity3. Creativity

...in our product designs and in our business models.


Eco-Friendly4. Eco-friendliness

...in our product development and production.


Our People...

Our eclectic staff puts the pizazz in PolkaDotYourWorld!



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